Diamond Webinars:
Accessibility Under a State of Emergency

Aired on Thursday, March 19th, 2020

With the recent events and the many questions around the coronavirus and our digital state, we decided to shift this week's webinar to focus on how to manage accessibility under these circumstances. Join our panel of executives from AT&T, VMware, and Intuit moderated by the Co-Founder of Global Accessibility Awareness Day in a conversational reaction to the current crisis.

  • Headshot of Joe Devon


    Joe Devon

    Co-Founder of Diamond & Global Accessibility Awareness Day

  • Headshot of Sheri Byrne-Habers


    Sheri Byrne-Haber

    Head of Accessibility
  • Headshot of Ted Drake


    Ted Drake

    Global Accessibility Lead

  • Headshot of John Herzog


    John Herzog

    Lead Accessibilities Engineer

What are the Benefits?

Besides doing the right thing.

  • Reducing Legal Risk

    You don't launch mission-critical applications without QA, Load Testing or Security Testing. Reduce your organization's risk by applying similar diligence to your accessibility.

  • Demonstrate Good Company Values

    Non-inclusive companies earn the ire they create (and all too often that they deserve). Inclusive companies earn customer loyalty. Do you really want to be amongst the former?

  • More Users = More Opportunities

    Do you realize the opportunities that you are leaving on the table when your website and/or application are inaccessible to all of your potential customers?


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